Best Stretch Mark Creams of 2011


Top Stretch Mark Cream Skinception Revitol Dermology
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When it comes to looking for a stretch mark cream product in the market, it is important to know what you should be looking for. The reason for this is because there are so many different products that are already available in the market. If you don’t know what you should be looking for, it will be easy for you to get confused in choosing the product that you will buy.

If you are looking for the right stretch mark cream that will give you results that you desire, you should look for one that contains Vitamin A, E and cocoa butter. At the same time, you should opt to use creams that contain collagen and elastin as they are the effective ingredients that can help you get rid of your stretch marks. However, you will have to expect that the price for these creams will be more expensive compared to the ordinary ones.

Another thing you have to consider in the right cream that you are planning to buy is how it will feel on your skin. It is important that you choose a product that does not feel too greasy on your skin. Your skin needs a cream product that easily absorbs the product so it should not feel sticky on your hand.

Lastly, make sure that you look at the ingredients of the cream product that you are using. Since there are so many products that contain harsh ingredients, you have to make sure that you get the ones that contain natural ingredients. When you drink a lot of water along with using a natural stretch mark cream product, you will be able to get rid of your stretch marks in no time.

Top 3 Stretch Mark Removal Creams

#1 Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy

skinceptionBecause Skinception has been scientifically tested for effectively removing stretch marks, there are a number of people who swear by the use of this product. In fact, there are many who consider this as the leading brand that serves as a remedy for every single skin related problems. Considering that the cream has been prepared with specially developed ingredients, it is capable of boosting the production of collagen in the body. As a result, the body gets revitalized. This cream product is also responsible in restoring the original radiance and suppleness of the skin.

The active ingredients found in Skinception include Darutoside, Pro-Coll-One, Registril and Pro-Sveltyl. Because these ingredients have been scientifically tested and free from chemical compounds, they do not have any side effects to the body.

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#2 Revitol Stretch Mark Solution

For a proven treatment in getting rid of stretch marks on the skin, Revitol Stretch Mark Cream is the recommended solution. This is because the cream contains natural ingredients such as grapefruit seed extract, squalene oil and Vitamin E. As a result, it helps in stimulating the production of elastin and collagen in the body. This leads to the regeneration of new skin cells. Revitol also contains Aloe Vera which is responsible in keeping the skin moisturized.

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#3 Dermology

Dermology is a highly respected stretch mark cream that has proven to be very effective. Because of its unique combination of natural ingredients consisting of Vitamin A, E, D3, squalene oil, grapefruit seed extracts, and Aloe Vera, this product has been known as a powerful way to get rid of stretch marks.

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